Friday, March 12, 2010

How to fix Telnet errors on Windows 7 or Windows server 2008


If you get “telnet command could not found”, or error like “Could not open connection to the host. Port 23. Connection failed …”

Just follow the instruction below to enable Telnet.

  • For Windows Server 2008, “Server Manager” –> “Add Features”.
    • Add “Telnet Client” feature on client machine
  • For Windows 7
    • “Open control panel” –> “programs” –> “programs and features” –> “turn windows features on or off “ –> “Telnet Client”.
  • Add “Telnet Server” feature on server machine as the same
  • On Server machine, turn on “Telnet” service, and set the service to “Automatic”


  • on command line, make sure the server is listening on tcp port 23 : netstat –a


  • Now you can telnet from a client machine with command :

telnet –a serverName


After you type “y”, you will log on to the remote machine. Run “hostname” to make sure you are on the server now:



  1. I cannot telnet to port 23 either, and noticed that TCP is not listening on that port. How do I change that?

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